Uber has arrived to Marbella and although Uber Marbella offers its ‘One Click Service’ in 632 cities around the world, Marbella is only the forth town in the whole of Spain where this unique service is now available.

Although both Madrid, Barcelona and Malaga already offer Uber as an on demand pick up service, Uber has quickly established itself over the last few months in Marbella and its popularity has risen throughout the summer. This is in part due to the fact that holiday makers can use their current telephone Uber app in any country without the need to set up different accounts.

Uber is one of the fastest growing companies in the world however, it has encountered an equal amount of controversy as well as praise since it was formed 9 years ago.

Although local taxis services have fought Uber’s arrival into towns around the world, the tech led service offers the fast, easy to use service that millennials come to expect.

Gone are the days of standing in the rain late at night, after a last minute dash to a cashpoint; only to wait in an empty taxis rank wishing you were already tucked up in bed.

Now you can choose your driver and standard of vehicle, as you sit in the comfort of your chair, watching your Uber’s arrival on your phone. During your journey your app will notify your family and friends of you ETA, or should you be sharing the ride, you can split the cost and pay for the service across both accounts without any money ever changing hands.

But what I love most about Uber is their way of respecting the driver as well as the customer. Uber has turned the service industry on its head, as they give equal importance to the rating of you as a customer as they do to your review of their drivers, so remember to tip well!

This may not seem that remarkable until you consider what would happen if waiters were given the same power to rate you as a customer as you try and politely send your lukewarm dish back to the kitchen.

Although at the moment Uber is only offering their ‘UberX’ service in Marbella, which is their most cost effective option, with economy cars, it’s hoped that the Premium luxury rides will be available in Marbella soon.